Inspiration: “The Hot One Hundred“ by Peter Davies.

The Scottish artist Peter Davies has produced a series of paintings which include texts that take art itself as a subject, making it subject and matter to discuss the artist's role in the definition of pop culture. In these text paintings, Davies carried some of his personal rankings onto the canvases. The Hot One Hundred is your private list of one hundred great artists. It is a large and multicolored list headed by the American video artist Bruce Nauman (number 1) and closed by the English painter Ivon Hitchens (number 100). In the line corresponding to each name cited, are the titles of the work (s) or indications on the work of the listed artist.

“The Hot One Hundred Choreographers“ has as its starting point this work of Davies, and proposes to make an exchange between list and form guided by the studies of Umberto Eco in his book The vertigo of the lists, that reflects on how the idea of the catalogs, lists, enumerations and inventories has changed over the centuries and how this change has been expressed through literature and the visual arts, conferring other perceptual and organizational understandings to the lists. The list proposed in this choreographic piece does not guarantee a fixed place or valuation by numbers of the selected content for study and creation. The piece cuts out at the same time as it requests a series of et ceteras, as it navigates through a whirlwind of fragmented references.

Besides the stage proposal, the project presents a website that will make available the list of the hundred choreographers-works listed in this creation. It is worthy mentioning that the way the list will be presented on the website, received the same conceptual treatment of the choreographic proposal. The URL for the list "

“In their own way practical lists represent a form because they give unity to a set of objects that, however disconforming they may be, follow a contextual pressure, that is, are related because they are are all expected to be in the same place or to constitute the end of a particular project ... A practical list will never incongruous, as long as the inclusion criteria that regulates it is identified.“
Umberto Eco in The vertigo of the lists.